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lunes, 11 de abril de 2011


Students  form groups of 5-7.
Each student has a role card in which is explained what each member of a family wants to do during the holidays and they have to do the planning.
Students study their cards for a minute or two and prepare themselves for the argument.
Family members introduce themselves, without revealing their tasks.
The Father  opens the family discussion.
The activity ends when they've come to a conclusion where to go.
Students  can read out their cards at the end and compare how much of their goals they were able to reach.

The father

You want to buy a car - and perhaps
some new garden tools, because you
like gardening. You can’t stand travelling,
but the house could be renovated, too.
The mother

Here’s the chance to travel round the world
with the whole family! And, perhaps, to buy
some new clothes, too. You are not against
gardening. The old family car is in perfect
condition - why waste money on a new one?
The 14-year-old daughter

Clothes, clothes, clothes! And if you had
an addition to the house, you could have
your own room at last.
The 17-year-old son

You’ve been wanting a drum equipment
for years. You also like travelling, and would
like to get your hands on the old family car, too.
Unfortunately, you hate gardening - your father
always makes you help him.
The neighbour

You like borrowing your neighbour’s
garden tools - but you hate noise.
The 19-year-old daughter

If you built an addition to the house, you could
have a separate part of it for yourself,
and perhaps for your boyfriend, too.
The father’s brother

Clearly, they should buy a new
printer for their computer - then you too could
print your things on it. They surely must not
build anything - they will have no money left
for the printer.

The mother

You want to go to some exotic place
like China or Peru, for at least three
weeks. Unfortunately, you can’t stand
your brother-in-law - he should stay at home.
The father

Your idea of a holiday is something relaxing,
short and cheap. Going abroad is so
tiring. You like your brother very much -
why not take him and his wife, too?
The 16-year-old son

You don’t want to go with your boring
family anywhere - but if you have to,
it should be as short and as close
as possible.
The 18-year-old daughter

You want to go to the sea for at least
two weeks, by plane, of course -
and bring your boyfriend, too - this
is the most important.
The 13-year-old son

You’ve never flown in your life - you
very much want to try it. You like big
cities where there are a lot of interesting
things to do.
The father’s brother

You want to go with your brother’s family
wherever they go - and take your wife as well.
The neighbour
You don’t want them to go away,
because they always ask you to
look after their house, and you hate it.

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